Professional performing of erasing and destruction of sensitive data’s, stored on your data media is very important, because storage media’s has a good memory…


Our offer of media erasing/destruction following German BDSG rules:


Overwrite data’s on different media types: (reusable)

  • Software Erasing ( overwrite 1-7 times)
  • Zero fill of HDD on erasing/copy Station
  • Formating and copying of HDD
  • LTO Cartrigde 1-6 / 9840 / 9940 Secure Erase™ MPTapes

Destroying of different data media types: ( unreusable)

  • Destroying data and media with Degausser
  • Mechanical Shredding following DIN 32757
  • Thermical destroying

We are performing from onsite data media erasing in your datacenter to the secure transport and handling of your data media , the complete range of services around this sensitive services.