MP Tapes Secure Erase™ > secure and quick LTO erasing solution

  • Stand-Alone erasing-equipment from MP Tapes / USA developed
  • 3 seperate procedures > proofing with Veritape / erasing / servo writing
  • Erasing procedure takes approx. 5 minutes per LTO cartridge
  • Erasing-Information will be stored on Cartridge’s RFID chip RFID chip
  • Could be performed onsite in your data-center or at StorRepair’s location with erasing certification
  • also for 9940/9840 and 3592 Cardridge available

The technology of the Secure Erase TM allows an alternative that is environmentally friendly and saves money as well.



Professional performing of erasing and destruction of sensitive data’s, stored on your data media is very important, because storage media’s has a good memory…


Our offer of media erasing/destruction following German BDSG rules:


Overwrite data’s on different media types: (reusable)

  • Software Erasing ( overwrite 1-7 times)
  • Zero fill of HDD on erasing/copy Station
  • Formating and copying of HDD
  • LTO Cartrigde 1-6 / 9840 / 9940 Secure Erase™ MPTapes

Destroying of different data media types: ( unreusable)

  • Destroying data and media with Degausser
  • Mechanical Shredding following DIN 32757
  • Thermical destroying

We are performing from onsite data media erasing in your datacenter to the secure transport and handling of your data media , the complete range of services around this sensitive services.



Do yo know the quality of your used LTO Cartridges?


VeriTape® is able to answer this…

  • VeriTape® could be used for quality check and classification of your LTO cartridges
  • VeriTape® Identifies defective Cartridges before getting in trouble while using
  • VeriTape® shows faulty drives ( drice score ) before wearing cartridges
  • VeriTape® is available for 3592 tecnology, too
  • Clear result presentation with colored score of critical value‘s
  • Version with Barcode Scanner for big cartridges amount available !

Most systems identify defective cartridges after they fail. These cartridge failures can e disruptive and expensive. But with VeriTape® you can monitor any cartridge and retire aging or damaged ones before they fail, not afterwards


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